Benefits You Didn't Realize You Get from a Silicone Ring | Enso Rings

Benefits You Didn't Realize You Get from a Silicone Ring | Enso Rings

Benefits You Didn't Realize You Get from a Silicone Ring

Silicone wedding rings have become a common accessory that you see around the gym. You may have seen people wearing silicone rings and thought it could be a good idea for your workouts, and while they are great for working out, there are also a lot of other benefits that come with silicone rings. Here are just a few you may not know about.

Extreme Durability

It’s no wonder these rings are popular in the gym—a ring made of highly durable silicone rubber can withstand just about anything. It can handle heat up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit or down to -75 degrees without losing any of its properties. These rings also won’t get scratched like a metal ring might, which means you can wear them even in places where you’re doing a lot of work with your hands, like a construction site or during a DIY home project.

Injury Protection

Another place silicone rings are really popular is in certain workplaces, and that’s often because these rings are much safer than metal wedding rings. Silicone rings are made of rubber, which means they protect against one of the most common finger injuries—a ring avulsion. These injuries occur when your metal ring catches on something and the force of your weight pulling against the ring pulls it from your finger. Since the metal ring won’t break, it’s usually your finger that suffers significant injuries. Silicone rings are also non-conductive, so they can safely be worn in workplaces where you are around electrical currents without a risk of shock.

Customized Styles

If style is more your thing, silicone rings offer way more choices than traditional metal wedding bands. Silicone rubber is easy to dye, so these rings can be designed in a wide variety of colors and styles, from thin or stackable designs to thick designs with beveled edges and more. You can easily mix and match them to coordinate with your outfit or your mood every day of the week. You can even get it engraved for more personalization.


Perhaps one of the most compelling reasons to consider a silicone ring instead of a metal wedding band or diamond ring is the cost. Silicone rings are an affordable alternative to traditional rings, with a price tag that averages under $50. With such a great price, you can afford to purchase several rings and have multiple styles to wear.

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