Best Silicone Ring Brand

Best Silicone Ring Brand

Choose the superior silicone ring.

Silicone rings are shaking up the ring industry for being ultra-affordable, comfortable and versatile while still delivering the same style options you expect from traditional hard-metal rings. They’re becoming popular for promise rings, engagements and weddings, for silicone replicas of wedding rings, and even lifestyle or accessory options.

If you’re just getting started, you might be feeling the pressure to do some research before you buy. Who carries the best silicone rings, and what should you look for in a good brand? Good questions. Let’s walk through what to look for as you get started with silicone rings.

Perfect fit. Perfect feel.

When you’re looking for the best silicone ring out there, the number one thing you want is comfort. This is where you want to pay attention to the material and the build of the ring itself. Silicone as a material is soft and flexible so you can hardly feel it on your finger when you wear it. Enso rings conform to the size of your finger as you wear them, yet will return to their shape no matter how much you beat it up during your day-to-day grind.

Enso rings are designed, built and quality-checked in-house so we can keep quality and customer satisfaction high. We’re especially proud that all of our rings are sourced and manufactured in the United States. This also allows us to do custom engraved silicone rings for our customers, so you can add a message on the outside or inside the band.

A good silicone ring is built for safety. Ever felt annoyed when your metal ring catches on the edge of a hard surface? In some cases, that minor annoyance can become a major injury. Ring avulsion is a real danger, which is why our rings are made to flex or break away before they would ever do any damage.

Options for everyone.

Whether it’s for a wedding day or a music festival, you know what kind of ring you want down to the color and style. Lucky for you, Enso has a collection for everyone, from stackable silicone rings to silicone rings infused with precious metals (it’s true, check out our Elements collection). Spend some time searching through the collections and find the ring you’ve been looking for.

Consider the kind of ring that would best match your lifestyle. If you’re looking for a simple ring for your minimalist lifestyle, we have what you’re looking for in the sleek Legends collection. Outdoor enthusiasts and those with hands-on jobs are loyal to the Ultralite collection for their lightweight and breathable design.

Don’t forget that it’s ok to have more than one ring, especially when you consider how affordable Enso rings are. You can grab rings as low as $11.99 (and that’s often before discounts), so don’t be shy about choosing more than one style. Learn more about what to look for in the best silicone ring brand and discover his and hers silicone wedding rings or use our silicone ring size chart.