Buying a Silicone Ring

Buying a Silicone Ring

Say yes to silicone.

When you buy a metal ring, comfort is rarely a part of the decision-making process. It’s about the color, the size, the style and the purpose. Once you realize the best silicone wedding rings are a beautiful, practical option, caring about the look and the meaning, while also loving the feel of it, you’ll fall in love with these rings. Here are just a few of the features you’ll enjoy:

  • A thin band, so low-profile it won’t bother neighboring fingers or ever feel clunky
  • Elastic material that stretches to fit over knuckles
  • Safety for your fingers, no matter your job, hobby, or activity
  • Rings for every occasion, from casual wear to wedding vows
  • Fashionable collections for every personality<

The versatility of flat silicone rings will amaze you. Everything that’s ever annoyed you about your current metal rings can be resolved with an Enso silicone ring. No bulky diamond that’s always rotating inward against your palm. No metal finish that needs to be routinely cleaned and polished. No worries about losing your expensive finger jewelry down a sink drain.

And no need to resize your ring with the change of the seasons. When the weather turns cold and your metal ring feels loose and slippery, put on a silicone ring and stop worrying about it falling off. When the weather is hot and sunny, and your ring becomes sticky and tight, switch it out for a silicone ring that hugs your finger without suffocating it. In fact, you may find you never want to take your silicone ring off. Unless it’s to put a different one on that goes better with your outfit.

Effortless expression of style.

Don’t be limited to just one ring. With expensive pieces, you can only afford to get one every decade or so. With cheap silicone rings you could get one for every outfit and activity. It’s like being a kid in a candy store—have fun!

When you explore our many varieties of rings, you’ll find there’s something for everyone. For the romantic couple looking to meld beauty with functionality, we recommend the Elements collection. For the working mom, consider the Ultralite style with amazing flexibility between work and home. For the enthusiastic sports fan, find your teams colors in our Sports Stacks.

If you have a color preference, we have tons of options to choose from. If you’re shopping for a specific occasion, we can personalize any his and her silicone rings with your chosen engraving. There are countless variations to explore.

Sizing with confidence and comfort.

Are silicone rings true to size? Yes. Sizing is very straightforward. If you already know your ring size, then you’re good to go. Since we don’t currently offer half sizes, round down. For example: If you are a size 7.5, order a size 7. Remember silicone is an elastic material that has a little stretch, so you’ll want to go slightly smaller instead of larger. But if you don’t get the right size, don’t worry. We can exchange it for the right one.

Lifetime warranty—for real.

We want our customers to love their rings, always which is why every Enso Ring* comes with a Lifetime Warranty. It covers rips, breaks, tears, and discoloration. Your first warranty is completely on us. Each additional replacement will just have a fee for shipping and handling. Need a new ring? Let us know!

All Inked rings are limited edition and are not eligible for the Lifetime Warranty.

*Please keep in mind all clearance items are not eligible for the Lifetime Warranty.