Customize Silicone Rings

Customize Silicone Rings

Silicone stands for safety.

Many rings are customizable. What can’t be customized is the level of safety. Metal rings, regardless of color, size or purpose, are never a good idea when doing anything that involves a corner, hook or gear. Take good care of your fingers and hands, and wear silicone rings that do their job by letting you do yours.

You use your hands every day. To high five friends, clean your house, lift weights, pull weeds or work on your motorcycle. Whatever you love to do and whatever work brings home the bacon, odds are you’re using your hands to do it. Which is why a ring, however small and seemingly inconsequential, is actually one of the most important aspects of your life. Because a ring can make a great day, the worst day of your life in the kinds of freak accidents you never see coming. That’s why you want to choose a silicone finger ring that can save your hand from any unforeseen unfortunate circumstances. Choose safety first—choose Enso’s top silicone rings.

Create something new, create something you.

This is a safe ring that is also stylish and customizable. Create your very own unique silicone ring any way you want. If you want the metallic look without the dangers of a metal ring, Elements blends the comfort of silicone with the timelessness of precious metals and other precious materials. Choose from classics like yellow gold, silver, copper and rose gold. Or make a statement with peacock quartz or black pearl. If you have a flair for the fantastical, wear a magical Legends ring: Unicorn has a white pearl sheen, Yeti has a chilly blue shine, and Pixie is pretty in pink.

Try your hand at varieties of textures and colors with Stackables. Beaded and Studded are feminine. Slanted Brick and Treaded look edgy. Whatever your vibe, show it off on each and every finger, above or below the knuckle, on fingers or on toes. One, two, three, or four. There’s no limit to the mixing and matching you can do.

A ring that speaks to you.  

Writing has always been a way to fully describe how we feel, what we think, who we love and what our goals for the future are. Engraved silicone rings are no different. Put your heart and soul on your ring. Commemorate a special life event like a wedding, anniversary or graduation, with the date printed on the inside of the ring. Express your love for a friend, brother or spouse with their names inscribed on a signature ring designed especially for them. Encircle the band with symbols or a single word, repeating over and over. You can customize your silicone finger ring any way you like.