Do Silicone Rings Stretch?

Do Silicone Rings Stretch?

Yes they do. That’s a good thing.

Silicone rings have just the right amount of stretch. This flexible material is exactly what you want keeping your finger movement fluid. When your Enso silicone ring arrives in the mail, you can’t wait to put it on. But after putting it on, it feels a little snugger than you expected. You’re worried you have to send it back and wait for a replacement. But wait! Remember: silicone can, and does, stretch. If you wear it for a few days, it will adjust to your finger size.

Of course, you also want to make sure your silicone ring band isn’t too tight. Here are some checkpoints to help you determine what is just the right amount of snug, and what is too tight. First, your ring should be able to turn on your finger with just a little effort, in either direction. Second, you need to be able to take your ring on and off without hurting yourself. Third, look above the ring to see if the skin is bubbling up over the edge. The skin should be flush along the inner lining of the ring, not pushing up over the top ridge. Fourth, your finger should feel normal. It shouldn’t be tingling or aching. And finally, it should never hurt. An Enso silicone ring is designed to be so effortlessly comfortable, you don’t even notice it’s on. If it’s catching your attention and becoming a distraction, that’s not a good sign.

Use our silicone ring size chart to measure your fingers before ordering your next ring.

Anything it (metal ring) can do, we (silicone ring) can do better.

If you’re concerned about a ring that can stretch, that’s understandable. Up until now, you’ve been wearing metal rings that definitely never stretch. Usually, the only stretching or shrinking you’ve experienced with ring-wearing is with your finger. Fingers tend to expand during hot weather and contract during cold weather. This is actually a major problem when wearing metal rings. In those cases, you can either resize the ring or just not wear it when it threatens to cut off your circulation or slip off your finger. Neither of those choices is convenient.

Enso offers you not only the best silicone ring, but the best ring period. When your finger gets hot and sweaty, and even a little wider than normal, a silicone ring maintains breathability and stretchability. When your finger gets cold and shrinks, the silicone material isn’t slippery or heavy. So it stays in place, right where you want it to be. No resizing necessary.

Stick with us and we’ll stick by you.

No matter what the circumstance or when you contact us, we have a Lifetime Guarantee on all of our top silicone rings. We expect it to last, but in the rare case it doesn’t live up to our high standards, we have an easy to use exchange process. This can include ordering the wrong size, not loving the look, wishing you’d gotten a different color or having it break during an accident. We don’t ask questions. We just take care of you, so you can get back to living the life you love.