Do Silicone Wedding Rings Stretch?

Do Silicone Wedding Rings Stretch?

Stretchy is the new black.

Yes. Silicone wedding rings can stretch. Silicone, by its very nature, is a slightly stretchy material. There are two benefits to this. First, it means putting your ring on doesn’t hurt your knuckle on the way down. Second, they’re so comfortable you may forget you even have it on. Best of all, if tugged hard enough, your ring will actually tear and break, saving your finger from serious injury.

That’s why we want them to have some elasticity, and so do you. It’s one of the important features that sets silicone wedding rings apart from the crowd of metal and precious stone wedding bands. Without any give, your ring would feel like a hard plastic band around your finger. The malleable quality of your silicone wedding ring means it feels comfortable and you enjoy having it on. It’s so unobtrusive you may even forget it’s there.

Finding your perfect match.

You may be asking yourself, “What size silicone ring should I get?” Silicone is a flexible material, so keep that in mind when ordering your ring size. If you already know your size, such as 6 or 8, stick with what you know works. If you were thinking about getting a silicone ring half size such as 6.5 or 8.5, we suggest rounding down because of the natural stretch in the ring. If you need help figuring out your ring size, use our silicone ring sizer and silicone ring size chart. Keep in mind that if you get the wrong size, our exchange policy is quick and easy.

An unbreakable lifetime warranty.

Because your ring has the ability to break if enough pressure or torque is applied to it, we offer a lifetime warranty guarantee on all styles. Our warranty doesn’t just cover the extreme circumstances that can create a broken ring. We want our customers to love their rings, and to feel confident in their ability to have it for the rest of their lives. Till death do you part. If worse comes to worse, contact us and let us know so we can quickly replace the broken silicone wedding ring.