Female Silicone Rings

Female Silicone Rings

Finger fashion for every style.

Fashion is a statement about who you are and what you love. Women’s silicone rings will help you reach any of your personal fashion goals. Maybe you like keeping up on the latest styles. Maybe you prefer practicality and functionality. Or maybe for you it’s about being unique and different. However you express yourself, silicone rings can accessorize any outfit and keep up with any activity.

A mom of three, with a passion for gardening and canning, may be interested in our low-profile Ultralite ring that is light as air. A yoga instructor will find our Infinity collection an appropriate accessory for her mindful yoga practice. A mountain explorer, used to finding awe and wonder in the natural world, may be called to the Legends rings with the Unicorn and Yeti styles. Find your rings and love every minute of wearing them.

A ring for every finger.

You aren’t limited to just one or two rings. With so many kinds to choose from, you can style up each hand for a full day of fashionable fingers. Or change your ring styles to match your outfit. Because cheap silicone rings are so affordable, it really is possible to have lots of favorites.

One of the most popular ring fashions are multiple thin rings place above and below the finger knuckles. Our small silicone rings are perfect for this stylish ring placement. Enso Stackable collection is composed of thin rings, both in width and depth. They hug your finger comfortably, without irritating or rubbing neighboring fingers. The exciting textures keep each one interesting: pyramid, hammered, braided, slanted brick, treaded, studded and column. With a wide selection of colors for each one, the combination options are almost limitless.

Sizing is simple and easy.

We often get asked, “Are silicone rings true to size?” Yes, they are. If you already know what size you’re looking for, then you’re on your way to buying a silicone ring. If you’re not sure, use our silicone ring size chart to find out. The easiest tool is our printable ring sizer. Once you have that ready, simply wrap it around the finger, and part of the finger, you want to wear your ring. Make sure to wind the paper (or string) tightly because silicone is slightly stretchy and will adjust after a few days of use. We want it to fit snugly and comfortable, not too tight and not too loose.

But don’t stress about getting the ring size wrong. If you do, we’ll simply replace your ring for the right size.

Our unbeatable lifetime warranty.

How many of your rings are exchangeable or returnable for any reason at any time? If you buy a silicone ring, that’s exactly what we offer. One week later or years later, we’ll still honor our lifetime warranty. If it breaks, we’ll get you a brand new one. This isn’t just a purchase for the moment—this is an affordable lifetime investment in your lifestyle.