Firefighter Silicone Ring

Firefighter Silicone Ring

For our neighborhood firemen.

Firefighters are our heroes. They keep our homes safe from wildfires, accidental fires and arson. They protect us from an element that is both deadly and beautiful, both dangerous and useful (depending on the situation). What we’re saying, is, thank you. If we can help even a little, we think you may love our firefighter silicone rings. They don’t save lives, but they definitely save fingers.

Life is uncertain, even a simple thing like wearing a ring. Jimmy Fallon learned this the hard way when in the comfort and safety of his own home his ring caught on a table corner and near about ripped his finger off. It can be even more serious when you’re working with your hands, holding a fire hose, or even cooking your world famous firehouse recipes.

Safety first.

Are silicone rings safe? Yes. All the time. Which can’t be said for ordinary metal rings. They come with a list of problems and inconveniences. Just to name a few: clunky, heavy, unyielding, and hot or cold (depending on the weather), If you want to wear a wedding ring, you can’t when you’re at work. So you don’t. Which is why we created firefighter silicone wedding rings. Made with your line of work in mind, silicone is the newest and best way to keep a ring on your finger when you’re busy with your hands.

Silicone has unique properties that create a superior ring that is flexible, comfortable, and breakable. The breakability is especially important for situations like Jimmy Fallon’s or more extreme circumstances created in a work environment. What’s amazing is that it will only break with enough force that your finger would become in danger. It’s otherwise very resilient to the most strenuous wear and tear. Whatever you’re doing, silicone band rings can handle it.

Our firefighter rings are created using three very thin silicone rings. You can stack them in any order, or put them on different fingers. If you want to add a touch of individuality, check out our other Stacks colors.

Personalize your rings.

If you’re looking to add a little something extra to your firefighter silicone ring, get it engraved with your firehouse number. Or anything else that you’d like. Engraved silicone rings add that personal touch that can’t be manufactured by anyone but you. Create something truly special, a unique silicone ring that was made for you, by you. With a ring that can go anywhere, the possibilities are endless.