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Enso Rings GDPR Compliance Statement

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is effective May 25, 2018, and governs personal information that is processed in or exported from the EU (European Union) or EEA (European Economic Area), or belongs to EU/EEA citizens. Most information used by Enso Rings is public information, but it may include “personal information” as broadly defined under GDPR. Therefore, Enso Rings complies with GDPR where required. Users on the Enso Rings web site “opt in” when creating an account and accepting terms of use, and can adjust privacy settings through the site. Enso Rings will honor requests, by users, to modify, delete or port personal information in compliance with GDPR, if such information is contained in the data Enso Rings stores.

If Enso Rings has your personal data, it is either because you provided it to us directly for legitimate business purposes of Enso Rings (you are an Enso Rings customer, vendor or other business contact).  If it is established you are protected under GDPR, you may contact us at to make a formal request regarding your data.

The Services and all associated intellectual property rights are the sole property of Enso Rings and its licensors and suppliers, and no property rights therein are granted to Customer or any Authorized User.

Enso Rings continues to review and update our services to implement appropriate safeguards for data we possess, and to insure our processes comply with GDPR and other data privacy laws to which Enso Rings is subject. If you have questions about your data or our policies you may contact us at

22 May 2018
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