Our Reason

handcrafted/‘han(d)kra:ft/adj: fashioned or made by the power of hand

We understand the importance of owning your craft. Creating something with care and passion is an expression of one’s self. At Enso, our Elements and Legends rings are made in-house and worn by the entire team. So we’re celebrating the makers like us who take their dreams and turn them into reality!

Enso Rings

Handmade is our specialty.

When making something by hand, the end result is more than a product to sell. There’s honesty, effort, and passion being poured into each creation. Our line of Elements and Legends silicone rings are made with this philosophy. Each ring is designed, developed, and created at our headquarters in Lehi, Utah.

Rose Gold

Loch Ness

Quality Materials


Elements are made of hypoallergenic silicone and backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Precious Metals


Each Elements ring is infused with precious materials, blurring the line between traditional rings and silicone rings.

Versatile Desing


Enso Rings are styled to work in the gym or at the job. Each ring features air channels for breathability.

Safe for Work


Our rings are engineered with Anti Ring Avulsion Technology™ to break away and protect your finger.