Men’s Silicone Rings

Men’s Silicone Rings

Take comfort into your own hands.

We know what brought you here: fear that the ring that will be with you day in and day out will be uncomfortable or unflattering. Your mind is on your next adventure, your wedding day (fast approaching) or your next project in the woodshop. With everything you have planned, you need a ring that looks as good as it feels.

Silicone rings are going to change your life. What is a silicone ring? They’re the new alternative to hard-metal rings that are trending for being the extremely low-cost life upgrade for men who do things: hiking, driving, kickboxing, rowing, powerlifting—anything. If you’re in the market for comfort and style, silicone rings are your next purchase.

Rings that are built ready.

A ring designed for premium comfort needs to be made with a premium material. That’s where silicone works its magic. It’s a non-toxic, hypoallergenic material that’s extremely soft, so you will barely even feel it on your finger. Even though it’s a thin, light material, Enso rings retain their shape when put under pressure. Yes, that means you can deadlift with your ring on.

The number one reason men are turning to silicone rings? Safety. Hard metal rings aren’t just uncomfortable, they can cause serious injury like ring avulsion (don’t look it up). Silicone rings are built to give way or break apart before causing severe injury where hard metals will take your finger with them. Not awesome.

The really good news: Enso has tons of silicone ring styles. Looking for a casual ring? Check out the Legends collection. Getting married? The Elements collection has precious metals for him and her.

Want a ring you can wear to the gym? Choose a thin silicone ring from the Ultralite collection. Seriously, we have everything.

The everyman’s ring.

Silicone rings fit every lifestyle, from active nature-lovers to indoor hobbyists. Where hard-metal rings make you question the safety of everyday tasks, silicone rings will be begging you to take them for a test-drive. Take your new ring around the world. Beat it up. Hand out high-fives without fear. You know the lifestyle you want. Pick the ring that won’t hold you back.

Silicone rings support your lifestyle with perks that keep on giving:

  • Thin, breathable structure built for movement
  • Low-cost options starting at $11.99
  • Custom engraving for every ring
  • Tons of styles, even silicone rings that look like metal
  • Comfort-fit sizes that conform to your finger
  • Breakaway design that spares you from injury

Start searching through the Enso collections of silicone rings and find the ring that’s right for you. Learn more about men’s silicone rings, including silicone rings engraved or cheap silicone rings.