Ring Size Chart for Women.

Ring Size Chart for Women.

Figuring out your ring size is a snap.

Not every woman has her ring size memorized the same way she can recite her phone number by heart. In fact, many women have never had a proper ring sizing and only choose bands according to which ring fits her finger in the store. You pick up a ring, try it on, then pick up another if that one doesn’t fit—and repeat until you find one that does.

But you can’t get away with that when buying online. It’s a big risk to guess your ring size when you’re making a purchase over the internet. Even if you know what size your finger is, you can never be sure if the sizes on the website are equal to the size that you believe yourself to be.

Fortunately, if you’re wondering how to size a silicone ring, you’ve come to the right place. Enso has a no-stress size chart for perfectly figuring out the best fit for your finger.  

Everything you need to determine your ring size––in your home.

Enso is here to help you take the guesswork out of sizing your ring. Don’t worry—there’s no tricky steps or weird hoops to jump through. You don’t need to be an expert to use our silicone ring sizer in the comfort of your own home.

Our ring size guide is extremely easy to use and fail proof. All you need is a pen or pencil, ruler and a piece of string or paper––all household things that you can find in your junk drawer. After gathering your items, just follow the easy steps and voila—you’ve got your ring size and you’re ready to start shopping.

Some pro-tips: make sure you pick the exact finger that will be wearing your new silicone ring. This ensures that you get the best fit for that finger. It may be a little tricky, but it’s also advised that you do it on the exact hand too. Because of how much you use them, the fingers on your dominant hand tend to be slightly larger and more muscularly defined––even if you can’t see the difference.

The special sizing considerations for silicone.

Silicone isn’t just any ordinary ring material. It’s a highly malleable substance that will flex and stretch with your fingers. This makes it fantastic  for rings because it allows you full freedom of movement. You can bend your fingers easily and do everything you love without worrying about metal bands getting snagged or digging into your digits.

It’s precisely because of how flexible silicone is that it’s recommended to go a size smaller than your regular ring size when wearing it. Don’t worry about the tight fit at first. Once you wear your band around for a few days, it will stretch to perfectly contour to your finger.

You’ve sized your ring––now bring on the bling.

Once you’ve used our sizing guide to figure out what will best fit your finger (and considered the sizing differences for silicone), it’s time to go wild. Browse through Enso’s silicone band collections and discover a world of spectacular rings. Scroll through our Legends collection for epic styles or check out our clearance rings to get fantastic deals on our affordable bands.

If you’re looking for a little extra personality in your ring, look into custom silicone rings and get the perfect design for your perfectly sized ring.