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Let’s Restore Our Corals

Inspired by the natural colors of endangered coral species, the Coral Collection by Enso Rings is the perfect choice for any ocean lover! For every ring and bracelet sold we will donate $2 to the Coral Restoration Foundation™, supporting its mission to bring back coral cover to one of the world’s largest barrier reefs.

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Every ring purchased equals $2 donated to save our corals



With our new and improved inked process, these designs come through in bold, beautiful color. Each ring and bracelet is covered by our lifetime guarantee, but quantities are limited.

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Shallow water reef ecosystems have been around for 500 million years, but could all be gone in just 80 years if we don't take action now. In the last 40 years, the Florida Reef Tract has lost 97% of the once dominant, reef-building coral species: elkhorn and staghorn. The Coral Restoration Foundation™ (CRF) is reversing that tide by restoring these critically endangered species to their native habitats.

Since 2012, CRF™ has returned more than 100,000 corals back to the Florida Reef Tract. With the biggest coral tree nursery in the world, CRF™ can produce 45,000 reef ready corals in one year.


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provide habitats and food for marine life

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regulate carbon dioxide levels

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protect coastlines

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support responsible tourism and diving industries

The more coral, the healthier the reef and the happier the oceans are.

Enso Rings’ mission is to be a Force for Good. By partnering with CRF™ we’re working to bring balance back to our oceans and the environment. Together, with the $2 donated from every purchase you make from the Coral Restoration Foundation™ collection, we can make a real difference in ensuring our oceans have a healthy future.

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