Silicone Promise Rings

Silicone Promise Rings

Put a ring on it.

So, you’re ready to take the next step. Or maybe just the step before the next step—a display of your devotion and commitment. A promise ring is a perfect symbol of the promises you’ve made to each other as your relationship continues to progress.

Depending on the couple, a promise rings can mean different things. Maybe it represents a future engagement. Maybe it’s a pledge of love to your partner. No matter what it symbolizes, you want it to be special and meaningful to both of you. Our silicone promise rings are just the thing. Make it even more special with custom engraving.

A promise with perks.

You want a ring that says “I love you.” You want a ring with a sleek, minimal design that doesn’t over promise and doesn’t get in the way. You could get a traditional ring made of hard metals, but you’ll face the hard truth of high costs and safety risks. This is where the benefits of Enso’s top silicone rings come in.

Enso makes a promise to you: you get to choose from a large variety of modern collections that will match your interests. Check out the Ultralite collection for a ring that feels light as air, or the Legends line for something extra luxurious. If you have a specific metal in mind, the Elements rings are infused with traditional hard materials like gold, silver or copper while having all of the benefits of a silicone ring. There’s a choice for every couple that will match the importance of your pledge.

Our cheap silicone rings are made from premium silicone that makes them soft and flexible, eliminating worries about ring avulsion or clicking against every surface you touch. The silicone material and thin structure also makes them extremely comfortable so you can continue your day-to-day without ever worrying about removing your promise ring. Plus, we make all of our rings locally in the U.S. and with each purchase you’re supporting our Rings for a Reason Initiative.

The ring that matches every lifestyle.

Your partner has a life. That’s why Enso rings were built to get out of the way while you stay focused on your work/hobby/adventuring. No worrying about your ring getting lost down the drain. No hard materials threatening to catch on the sides of tables and causing serious injury. Enso’s thin-silicone rings are built for everyday use so you can carry your promise with you everywhere.

Our rings are loved and used by people of all interests and professions:

  • Athletes, bikers, gym-goers, skiers, weightlifters.
  • Hobbyists, woodworkers, artists, makers.
  • Homemakers, mothers, fathers, caretakers.
  • Adventurers, travelers, campers, outdoor-lovers.
  • Professionals, businessmen and women, career-makers.

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