Silicone Ring Comparison

Silicone Ring Comparison

Slimming down the silicone ring selection.

Silicone rings are fast becoming the go-to bands for the active, budget-minded person. Everyone from rock climbers and NFL players to dog walkers and stay-at-home moms are wearing them. And now you’re thinking about giving them a try too. There are several factors to consider when asking yourself this common question: “where can I buy silicone rings?” Or, more importantly, where should you buy them.

It’s time to determine the best silicone ring brand for you.

We’re going to compare some of the top silicone ring companies—what makes them different and how they stack up against each other—to help take the guesswork out of picking the perfect band for your lifestyle.

Comparing silicone bands from different brands.

Groove Life

The name of this brand highlights their biggest selling point: the grooves. Groove Life has indentations inside their rings that allow for breathability and airflow. This helps prevent fingers from sweating. Their rings cost about $30 and their styles mostly focus on sporty bands rather than elegant ones.


SafeRingz runs on the cheaper end of the ring-price spectrum. They do have metal-looking options, but their bands may cause sweating because they’re not grooved on the inside. SafeRingz supports causes like Breast Cancer Awareness month and the U. S. troops.


Qalo rings are designed for comfortable, stylish wear. They come with a carrying pouch and have prices that range from the high 20s to high 30s. Qalo also sells other items, such as dog ID tags and teething necklaces. Their rings do tend to run slightly thicker than some of their competitors.

Aeon Rings

Aeon Rings are also at the lower end of the ring-price spectrum. They are more texture-based in their designs and have a more limited range in colors than most of the other brands in this list. However, their rings don’t go above $23.99.

Enso Rings

Enso Rings are light and flexible. Their selections come in a variety of colors and textures—including the Elements collection that is infused with real metals. Enso’s bands range from around $11.99 to $49.00 and a portion of all proceeds go to the Rings for a Reason movement that helps global causes.

It’s time to get your silicone on.

One issue that’s universal for all online ring purchases is the question of what size silicone ring should I get? Because silicone rings are true to size, stick with what you know. If you’re an 8, order an 8. If you’re a 9.5, order a 9. With a few days of wear, this flexible material will relax and fit perfectly. Make sure to always check out the ring size guide before making any purchase.

Now that you’ve gotten a glimpse at the world of silicone rings, it’s time to join the thousands of people who are making the shift to these bendable bands. Get started with some ring bundles and experience the diverse style and easy wear of silicone rings.