Silicone CTR Rings in Bulk

Silicone CTR Rings in Bulk

Choose the right . . . ring.

Religious groups will love our CTR silicone rings. Our custom engraving process allows you to print the iconic CTR acronym on any of our rings. We recommend our Girls collection for the smallest ring sizes to fit smaller hands. Even though the collection is names “Girls,” there are colors and textures that will work for the boys as well.

The younger crowd will love the thin band, and they’ll especially love having their very own CTR ring. When buying in bulk, choose two to three sizes that will fit the kids, in one or two colors. You can choose to get a feminine color for the girls and masculine color for the boy, but it may surprise you how many of the girls will want one of the boys’ ring. So choosing gender neutral colors will have the greatest chance for success.

Small silicone rings are a much better way to create a CTR ring. For anyone that had their own classic metal version, the band was always getting bent until it was completely unwearable. The metal would leave a green mark on your finger. And it was never very comfortable to have on. A thin silicone ring resolves all of these problems. The flexible silicone band ring will always rebound back to its normal circular shape, regardless of how many times it’s squished and molded by little fingers. The medical grade silicone is hypoallergenic and doesn’t leave a mark of any kind, under any circumstances. For kids, this will be one of the best reasons: it actually feels good to wear it. Because we all know if it doesn’t feel good, a kid isn’t going to wear it.

Keeping it stylish.

These days, even the younger children know what’s cool to wear and what isn’t. A unique silicone ring will fit right in with their small bodies and big personalities. CTR can be engraved on the exterior or the interior of the band. Make this decision based on personal preferences as well as the texture of the ring. Some have a bumps or ridges along the outside that could make the CTR logo appear disjointed. Whatever style and color you choose, it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser with any age group.

Our bulk pricing isn’t available online, so reach out to our friendly customer service for pricing options when purchasing in bulk.