Silicone Rings Half Sizes

Silicone Rings Half Sizes

Half size? Don’t sweat it.

You’re ready to buy that silicone ring you’ve been eyeing for a while now. We don’t blame you. With options like stackable silicone rings or even the elegant silicone wedding rings, it’s easy to fill your shopping cart quickly. Once you’ve tried a silicone ring and feel the difference for yourself, you won’t be able to go back.

You might have used our silicone ring sizer to find your perfect fit (if you haven’t, it’s so easy you can do it from home). If your true fit is a half size, you might be wondering why Enso doesn’t carry in-between sizes for our rings. That’s where the magic of silicone comes in. There’s an Enso ring for everyone—no matter your fit.


How silicone simplifies sizing.

Silicone rings are built to conform to your finger. The silicone material stretches and flexes to shape itself around the contour of your finger. Think of silicone ring sizing like the self-sizing shoes from Back to the Future, though instead of being instantaneous, silicone will naturally relax itself in a few days for a perfect fit.

If you’re between sizes, or are a half size, we recommend sizing down. Our customers have found that a size down is the perfect amount for the ring to settle in on your finger. Our silicone ring size chart can help you determine if you have a half size and should size down. This applies to all of the rings in our store across all of our collections.

When you get your ring, check that it’s not sliding up and down on your finger. This means that it’s probably too big. If it’s feeling too snug, even after letting it settle for a few days, you can consider sizing up. Wondering how to stretch a silicone ring? Remember that our rings naturally conform to your finger while retaining their shape, so you’ll want to find your correct size before buying.

The good news is that Enso lets you shop risk free with our lifetime money-back guarantee. Just contact us and we can exchange your ring to get you your ideal fit.

Size down. Gear up.

At Enso, we believe that your ring shouldn’t get in the way of what you love to do. We believe that your ring should be so comfortable you barely notice it on your finger. Go camping. Hit the gym. Deliver your business pitch. Return to the woodshop. Do it all with confidence knowing that your ring looks great and won’t get in the way. Replacing your hard-metal ring with a silicone ring might seem like a small change, but the long list of perks prove that it’s a major lifestyle upgrade.

  • Superior comfort with flexible silicone material
  • Affordable designs starting at $11.99
  • Styles for every personality and occasion in our unique collections
  • Injury-proof construction that breaks away under pressure
  • Personalized options with engraved silicone rings

Don’t feel left out if you find out your a half size. Enso’s rings are built for every size and lifestyle, so search through our collections and choose a must-have design. Learn more about Enso’s silicone ring options, including mens silicone rings or his and hers silicone wedding rings.