Silicone Wedding Ring Designs

Silicone Wedding Ring Designs

Luxury silicone ring styles that will have you saying “I do.”

Your perfect day deserves the perfect ring, but walk into any ring store and you might as well empty your wallet. You could pick out the perfect design, but the price tag turns you away. If you’re asking yourself “where can I buy silicone rings?” and you’re looking for a wide variety of styles at low costs without sacrificing quality craftsmanship, Enso is about to save your date.

Silicone wedding rings are becoming very popular, and for good reason. They’re affordable and comfortable and look just like hard-metal rings you might pay hundreds for. People are switching to silicone for their wedding rings for the quality-of-life upgrade that comes with having your hands free to live your life without worry.

The cost will have you crying tears of joy: Enso rings range from $11.99 to $49.00—and that’s before discounts. Silicone rings won’t have you taking out loans and will leave more room for picking your perfect style.

Designs for your dream day.

You’re picky. We are too. That’s why we’ve made silicone ring styles for everyone’s interests. Sift through our collections and find a design for him and for her.

The Infinity collection is our original ring and one of our favorites featuring an endless infinity design on a simple, versatile frame. It’s the perfect choice for expressing your undying commitment and gifting your loved one a lifetime of comfort. If you want to break the traditional mold with a modern style of ring, look through our Legends collection. These rings were designed to look effortlessly sleek with a minimalistic design.

No matter what style you choose, material should be important to you. The silicone in our rings is hypoallergenic, non-toxic and medical grade for superior performance (all built and quality-checked in the U.S.). If you have your heart set on a specific precious metal like copper, bronze or rose gold, look no further than our Elements collection. Each of these rings is infused with hard-metals to give you the look and feel of traditional rings with all of the benefits of silicone.

Styles for every lifestyle.

Whether you want to settle down or go see the world, silicone rings will let you live the life of your dreams without getting in your way. Common complaints with hard rings are that they feel uncomfortable, clink against everything you touch or that they are a safety hazard at work. Metal rings can catch on hard surfaces and cause permanent injuries like ring avulsion. That’s why silicone is becoming the new go-to. Are silicone rings safe? Yes.

Silicone wedding rings are flexible and thin so they give way under pressure and will come off before causing serious injury. Enso designs thin silicone rings to be breathable for active lifestyles so you can explore the world, hit the gym or even just do the dishes without having to think about your ring. Silicone rings let you live your life without worry.

Choose your own silicone wedding ring.

Whether you’re looking for a ring for your or your partner, it’s important to find a ring that matches your lifestyle and interests. Search through our variety of styles and designs to find the ring that’s a perfect fit for you and your loved one.

Stackable: Mix-and-match colors and designs.

Sleek: Modern designs on a minimalist frame.

Active: Lightweight rings for those who like to move.

Original: Timeless designs on classic frames.

Infused: Silicone material with precious metals built-in.

Our customers love our designs for their variety and simplicity. Learn more about Enso’s silicone wedding ring designs and explore silicone promise rings, or use our silicone ring size chart to find your fit.