Stackable Silicone Wedding Rings

Stackable Silicone Wedding Rings

Choose Enso and open up your options with safe, stylish and stackable rings.

Everyone knows the stereotype of a traditional wedding ring—gold or silver, a diamond or two (or ten). Even though that’s the age-old standard, it doesn’t mean that it’s your only option. Many people are choosing rings that break away from the traditional wedding band and going for a more adventurous, unconventional style to convey their marriage commitment.

Why settle for just one ring? Mix and match our bands to get a new look every day.

When you choose Enso’s stackable silicone rings, you become your own wedding ring designer. You’ll mix, match and stack separate rings to get custom looks that’ll have heads turning as you walk down the aisle and cut the cake.

Our stackable rings come in an extensive selection of colors, textures and patterns that you can combine to create your very own personalized wedding ring combo—and you can change up your bands to match any outfit or customize it for any outing. Blend a turquoise pyramid ring with braided coral and pink sand bands for your beach wedding or stack a hammered obsidian with two studded midnight blues for your elegant engagement party.

But these rings aren’t just for your wedding and other special occasions. One of the best things about Enso rings is that they’re perfect for any and every event—especially everyday activities. Enso’s innovative breakaway design lets you use your hands without worrying about a metal ring that can cause serious damage to your finger. With light and flexible silicone, you and your spouse can do all the activities you love with a thin silicone ring that won’t hold you back.

Turn your love into a force for good with Rings for a Reason.

It doesn’t take much to become part of something that’s changing the world. When you buy an Enso ring, a portion of the proceeds go to organizations that are dedicated to helping solve hunger, disease, poverty and other global issues—and since our stackable selection only runs at $11.99 per ring, it’s definitely an affordable option.

When you join our Rings for a Reason movement, whenever you and your spouse look at your wedding bands—the bands that are there to show your commitment to each other—you will take pride in knowing that the symbols of your love helped change the world for good.

It’s time to tie the knot with non-traditional rings.

You’ve found the one person that you’ll love forever, but you don’t have to love only one ring forever. You can honor your vows and display your devotion with a new ring every day. Choose our stackable rings and create a wedding band as special as your relationship.

Check out our ring size guide to get started or learn more about our Rings for a Reason movement on our blog.