Thin Silicone Rings

Thin Silicone Rings

Think thin, think comfortable.

For most of us, rings are symbols of relationships, important life moments, and memories. So it’s important to enjoy both the reason for the ring, as well as the wearing of it. Our goal has always been to create a ring that you never want to take off. A flat silicone ring so comfortable you hardly ever think about it. An activity-friendly ring that won’t get in the way, ever.

We knew such a ring would have to be ergonomically styled and centered around an active lifestyle. The sleeker and slimmer, the better. So while other rings draw your eye to complex designs, our rings focus on what really matters—wearability. If you can’t wear your ring anytime you want, wherever you want, you’re buying the wrong rings. Buy silicone rings and you’ll see an immediate difference.

Here is a ring that you can go swimming in, and never worry about it falling off. This ring is so thin you can keep it on while wearing mittens for your favorite winter outdoor activity, from snowboarding to ice skating. Or even to shovel the walkway. And you’ll never be bothered by it while driving your ATV across the sand dunes. Wear it while surfing, hiking, hunting and even climbing.

Slim, stylish, silicone rings for every moment of every day.

When you start with a solid foundation of comfort and safety, as we did with our thin silicone rings, from there you can build upward, knowing your customers will love your product for all the right reasons. Our signature Infinity rings speak to the continual interconnectedness of life, weaving inward and outward forever. For couples, it also symbolizes the lasting nature of their love and commitment to one another. We’ve even created his and her silicone rings that are infused with precious metals to maintain the traditional, expensive feel of a wedding or engagement band while keeping the functionality of a silicone ring. We call these rings our Elements collection.

If you’re looking to purchase the thinnest of the thin, go directly to our weightless Ultralite silicone rings. They’re specifically designed and manufactured to feel light as a feather. With a classic design, they’ll fit in with any active lifestyle. Your finger will feel free to engage fully in all your hands do because you’ll never be distracted by the weight or pressure of this ring. It’s so weightless, you’ll have to look at your finger just to remind yourself it’s still there.

Your fingers are important—protect them.

Our top silicone rings look great, feel great and will protect your fingers from ring avulsion. If you haven’t heard of ring avulsion yet, use caution looking the term up online as there can be graphic images related to this condition. To keep it simple, this is when your ring catches on something and as a result, pulls on your finger. Sometimes this just bruises or gouges your skin. But in more serious cases it tears into the finger and can incur very serious and permanent damage. The most impressive feature of thin silicone rings is, if caught on anything, the pressure will cause it to tear off the finger instead of pulling the finger with it. This leaves the finger whole and undamaged. Do the right thing for your fingers and protect them with the best silicone rings.