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What Size Silicone Ring Should I Get?

Love the size and fit of your ring.

The hard part is over: you found the best silicone ring to buy. Now for the easy part—choosing the right size. If you’re a frequent ring buyer, you likely already know your size for each finger and you’re already pressing “purchase.” If you can’t remember or haven’t bought a ring in a while, we’ve got you covered. All from the comfort of your home. You just need a printer, and some scissors or string.

Since you can’t try all the sizes on in person, use our silicone ring size chart to help you find your individual size. Download the silicone ring sizer. There are a few ways you can measure for size. One, is with a string wrapped securely around your finger, which you then remove and compare to the silicone ring size chart. Our silicone ring sizer is another great option. You can cut this out and wrap it around your finger to see the size easily labeled on the side. Or, if you’re buying for someone else and want to keep it a surprise, find one of their rings (that is worn on the same finger you’re buying for) and use the ring size chart to find their size.

Silicone can affect the size you choose.

Yes, silicone material matters when considering what size ring you should order. But it doesn’t matter as much as you might think. The very nature of silicone is to be flexible, elastic, and to even break when enough torque is applied to the ring. The flexibility provides comfort and the breakability provides protection.

The elasticity provides a slight amount of stretch. Keep this in mind, specifically when dealing with half sizes. Silicone rings half sizes aren’t currently available. But that’s ok because all you have to do is take one half step down to the next whole size, and that’s your ring size. It may feel a little snug when you first put it on, but after just a few days the silicone will expand just enough to fit your finger, without being too loose and falling off.

What if you get the wrong size?

Don’t worry! We can quickly and easily exchange any ring, any time for the right size. Or a different color, texture, or kind. Because we want you to love your ring as much as we do. We know how much symbolism and intention can exist within a ring, and we honor that commitment with one of our own: a lifetime warranty to back all of our rings, no matter what. Including a ring break. Just contact us and we’ll take care of it.