Women’s Silicone Rings

Women’s Silicone Rings

Stand out from the crowd.

Sure, you’re a girl. But you’re not just any girl, just another face in the crowd. You’re a vibrant, talented, strong-willed woman who doesn’t let societal status quo dictate her path. You take chances on your style, not to prove a point but to simply express who you are to the world. We applaud your individuality. Our goal is to flaunt your personality on every finger.

Break away from the crowd of metal bands, and find comfort like you’ve never known in a ring with Enso’s thin silicone rings. Whatever kind of hands you have, from small and dainty to strong and hard-working, silicone rings will forever change your perspective on what it means to wear a ring.

Attend yoga class wearing a ring as flexible as your legs in yoga pants. Care for your horses, and never worry about your ring getting lost in the hay. Multitask between meals, dishes, and vacuuming without concern for ring avulsion. No matter your activity, show off your feminine style.

A ring for people for every finger.

We have the diversity and uniqueness you’re looking for. With dozens of styles, sizes, and textures you can customize your silicone ring to be anything you want. The only question left is: Where do you start? If you don’t know what you’re looking for yet, start with Rings for Her. Our ergonomic designs are so breathable, so comfortable, so “just right” for your fingers you may forget to take them off at night.

If you’re looking for a specific feel, browse our collections, especially our Stackables collection. Mix and match the different textures, like a pyramid with studs, or braided with columns. Each texture comes in such a wide variety of colors, you may have a hard time picking only two or three. Have fun! Maybe you’re inspired by the time of year and want to pick seasonal colors. Maybe you have a favorite sports team and want to show your team spirit on your finger with sports stacks. Or maybe you’re inspired by the colors in your closet so you can highlight your favorite outfits with stylish ring accessorizing. Whatever you choose, be true to you.

Strong rings for strong women.

At home, at the office, or at school, your hands are constantly busy. With that much wear and tear, you need to know the rings you wear can keep up with you. Female silicone rings are designed from the material to the size, with your active lifestyle in mind. Silicone’s elasticity and durability will make it through your hardest day. In a pinch, they’ll even come off to protect your finger from any serious injury.  

Our number-one goal is your 100% satisfaction. So buy our unique silicone rings with confidence, knowing that you can exchange your rings any time, for any reason. If it breaks, we replace it. If the size is wrong, we get you the right size. If the style or color wasn’t what you expected, no worries. We’ll fix it right away with a return or an exchange. Never hesitate to contact our stellar customer service.